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  • Are you overtraining? 4 signs to look out for

    Overtraining. We all want to push ourselves, achieve more and make sure we’re maximising the time we have to reach our goals. We’re all guilty of b...
  • Training through a busy schedule: My advice!

    We’re all on that grind. Wanting to hustle at work or at school and in the gym which is never easy to balance. For a lot of us we’re working throug...
  • What I would tell my beginner self

    Believe it or not, I wasn’t always into my fitness. I didn’t play a lot of sports as a kid, I didn’t pick up a weight until I was 26 and before tha...
  • 5 Ways to Break Through a Plateau

    Plateaus. They’re never fun. But they’re a natural part of any fat loss journey. Humans have been evolving for millions of years, so in order to co...

    Squatting is easily one of the best exercises you can program into your training. Being a compound exercise, it’s one of those ‘bang for buck’ movement patterns that targets your entire body, a must have for anyone looking to build their quads and booty.
  • Top 5 Booty Building Tips!

    It’s safe to say I know a butt load 😉 about growing a perfect peach. Even with all of the free content I put out there, I still get asked.. “Howww do you grow a booty like that??”. So I’m going to break this down nice and simple for you in 5 top tips - thank me later.. like 6-12 months later (this will make sense once you’ve read point 3).