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Why you need to stop program hopping!

Are you struggling to see results in the gym? It could be because you’re ‘program hopping’ gf! If you’re doing random workouts, being inconsistent with your training, or changing your program too frequently… you’re not going to see the results you want. Here’s why!

To grow muscle and get stronger, your program needs 3 things:

  1. Periodisation 
  2. Progressive overload 
  3. Consistency 

Why are these things important? Let me explain!


  • The term periodisation refers to planned 'phases' and/or cycles in programming to help create physical, metabolic or strength adaptations 
  • It requires adjusting your training variables (such as reps, sets, rest times etc) between cycles to improve performance
  • This is why at TWS, each 4 week mesocycle (training block) is designed with a specific purpose, and 'flows' on from the previous mesocycle 
  • If you are constantly program hopping, you won't see the linear progression that comes from following a periodised program 

Progressive Overload:

  • This is arguably the most important aspect of your training, and is the process of continually increasing your training stimulus by adding either weight, sets, reps, or time under tension 
  • This progression over time is how our muscles continue to adapt, grow and get stronger 
  • Progressive overload is impossible to achieve if you aren’t following a structured program 
  • To make tracking your progress easier, the TWS app has an in-built exercise tracker, so you can record your sets, reps and weights and focus on improving week to week! 


  • Consistency is essential if you want to grow muscle, change your physique or get stronger 
  • This is because a large part of training is skill acquisition (improving your form and technique so you are getting the most out of your movements) 
  • It can take around 3-4 weeks for your body to adapt to new movements, so if you’re constantly changing your program, you aren’t giving yourself a chance to improve your form and see the benefits of new exercises 
  • At TWS, we program in 4 week mesocycles, allowing you to repeat the same sessions and improve your technique over time

So, if you want to take your results to the next level, make sure you are following a structured program, and stick with the same workouts for a minimum of 4-6 weeks before making changes!

TWS coach Bronte x