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How to become a running girly in 2024!

ICYMI - running is trending! We LOVE that more and more girls are entering their running era and using cardio as a way to improve their physical fitness and mental health, rather than just as a means to change their body! 

Naturally, we just had to get in on the running hype and design a program that perfectly combined running with strength training! So, we teamed up (again!) with our running inspo Conagh Kathleen to create the ultimate new year challenge! If learning how to run, increasing your health/fitness, becoming more consistent or improving your mental health are on your 2024 to-do list…then this is the challenge for you! Head to our website at to secure your spot today! 

To help get you started, we’ve created a list of our top 5 ways to become a running girly in 2024! 

  • START SMALL! If you’ve never run before…you don’t need to enter a marathon straight away! Set super small goals so you don’t feel overwhelmed. This might simply be running for 1-2 minutes without stopping, doing a 3 minute jog on the treadmill after your upper body workouts, adding some short jogging intervals to your hot girl walk!


  • GO SLOW! Slower runs will help you build up your endurance base and allow you to run for longer distances. You don’t need to go fast straight away! Maintain a steady and slow pace and avoid comparing your times to others - this is your own journey gf!


  • INVEST IN YOUR SHOES! Get fitted for a good pair of running shoes! We recommend going to a store like Athlete’s Foot so they can assess your running gate/foot biomechanics and recommend the best shoe for you! 


  • A GOOD PLAYLIST! Hype tracks are essential for your runs! Create a playlist of your fave songs to help you feel pumped up and excited to run! Conagh’s personal running playlist will be linked in our challenge eBook so you can access this too! 


  • SET REALISTIC GOALS! If you’ve never run before and decide you want to enter a marathon in 12 weeks - you might be setting yourself up for failure! Of course, it’s fine to set large goals and work towards something big. However, it’s also important to set smaller milestones along the way so you don’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged. Focus on getting your first kilometer or running for a certain amount of time without stopping, and don’t forget to celebrate all your small wins along the way! 

You've got this gf! 

Love TWS Coach Bronte x