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10 tips for overcoming gym anxiety

Gym anxiety is something that a lot of beginner girlies (and experienced trainers too!) experience. I have definitely experienced it before, and it can be triggered by a whole range of different things, including joining a new gym, training at a different time, or even just starting a new program or using a new piece of equipment. 

I’m here to remind you that while gym anxiety is normal and common, you don’t need to feel nervous in the gym! Everyone has a right to take up space in the gym, whether they have been training for years, or it’s their first time lifting! Regardless, walking through those gym doors for the first time can still be pretty nerve-wracking. 

So, to help you feel more confident and comfortable in the gym, here are my top 10 tips on beating gym-anxiety! 

  1. Train with a friend
  • If you can, take a friend or family member along with you! 
  • You’ll likely feel a lot less nervous, and will have someone to talk to/help you if needed. 
  1. Train at off-peak times
  • A busy gym can be very overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the space and equipment. 
  • Try to train at off-peak times if you can. This is usually the very early mornings, middle of the day, or later in the evenings, but it can vary from gym to gym. 
  • You can ask the gym staff when it’s most busy so you can avoid those times while you are getting used to the space!  
  1. Ask a trainer/gym staff member for a tour
  • Having someone show you around the gym can help you get acquainted with the space and familiarise yourself with the equipment before you actually start training. 
  1. Know what you’re doing before you go
  • Having a training program and knowing exactly what you are doing before you go can reduce a lot of your anxiety! 
  • Write your program out beforehand on your phone, or use your personalised gym program in the TWS app! 
  1. Listen to a good playlist 
  • Listening to music can help you tune out the background noise of other trainers and go into your own little world, which can help reduce your anxiety and improve your focus. 
  1. Wear something you feel comfortable in 
  • Make sure your gym ‘fit makes you feel cute and comfortable. 
  • If you feel uncomfortable in your outfit, then it will only add to your anxiety while training! 
  1. Make friends 
  • If you see another girly (or guy!) smashing it in the gym - give them a smile or even say hi.  
  • The gym is usually a very welcoming and supportive place, and chances are they might be feeling the same way as you! 
  1. Use the ‘Shy Girl’ workouts in the TWS App!
  • If you’re a TWS babe, head to the main menu in your app and click on the ‘Shy Girl Workouts’ tab.
  • These 8 new minimal-equipment workouts have been designed to help you get comfortable in the gym. 
  • They can also be used when you’re in a rush, or your gym is busier than usual! 
  1. Rip the band-aid off
  • Even if you tick off everything on the list above, it can still be scary stepping through the gym doors for the first time!
  • This is when you need to practice a bit of grit and determination, and just show up!
  • Take that first step and get your first session in, and I promise it will only get easier from there bestie!

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Now go slay that session, I’m cheering for you! 

Soph x