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Rocky Road Easter Eggs

We love rocky road...and we love Easter why not combine the two? These mini rocky road filled Easter eggs are the perfect treat, and super simple to make!


  • 4 Cadbury hollow eggs 
  • Plain chocolate of choice (for melting)
  • Your choice of mix ins (we used raspberry lollies, peanuts, and mini marshmallows)
  • Optional to decorate: sprinkles, mini eggs, or toppings of your choice 


  1. Use a warm knife to slice the hollow eggs in half following the line on the shell.
  2. Chop up your mix-ins into small pieces.
  3. Heat the melting chocolate in the microwave in 20 second intervals, stirring between each until fully melted.
  4. Pour a small amount of chocolate into each half egg cup,and then place a small pile of your mix-ins on top. 
  5. Keep layering the chocolate and mix-ins until each cup is full.
  6. While the chocolate on top is still soft, add sprinkles or decorations of choice.
  7. Place in the fridge until set and enjoy!

Makes: 8 serves