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Halloween Treats - 3 x recipes for you to make this Halloween 🎃

Hey boo đŸ‘ģ ,

2020 has been one sick trick (and not the good kind) so it's time to treat yourself with some Halloween treats - healthy edition! Now, I'm not going to ramble on about my life story before giving you the good stuff (the recipes) but I will tell you that breaking pretzels đŸĨ¨ to create spider legs WILL take some patience - but it's totally worth it. Lezzzgo!

Pumpkin spiced protein spider donuts

Halloween healthy donut recipe

I've used our Donut base recipe from the Cook with Soph eBook! (currently on sale for Halloween)


🕸 100g pumpkin

🕸 50g protein powder

🕸 50g oat flour

🕸 1/2tsp baking powder

🕸 Pinch of salt

🕸 1tsp Cinnamon

🕸 40g maple syrup

🕸 80ml egg whites

🕸 80ml nut milk

🕸 1/2 tsp vanilla essence


🎃 40g dark Lindt chocolate

🎃 12 Edible eyes

🎃 18 Pretzels

🎃 Sprinkles


1. Cut up + boil pumpkin until soft

2. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius and spray donut baking tray with coconut oil and set aside

3. Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl

4. Absorb the water from the boiled pumpkin with chux cloth or paper towel, until as dry as possible then add wet ingredients and stir to combine

5. Add wet ingredients to dry and fold through

6. Pour batter into donut tray and pop into oven for 20 minutes

7. Allow to cool before topping with icing

8. Melt chocolate in microwave or in a bowl over a pot with boiling water

9. Dip donuts in melted chocolate, add eyes + sprinkles as desired

10. Break pretzels into spider leg shapes (I used the back of a knife and lightly tapped up and down the centre of the pretzel - lot's will break too small but you should get the hang of it)

11. Store in the fridge + enjoy


Calorie + macro breakdown per donut:

166 Cals | 8.5g P | 4g F | 23g C

halloween donuts



Pumpkin + white chocolate protein bites

protein pumpkin bites recipe


🕸 200g pumpkin

🕸 35g coconut flour

🕸 30g protein powder (vanilla)

🕸 65g peanut butter


🎃 40g white chocolate

🎃 Sprinkles

1. Boil cubes of pumpkin until soft and easy to mash
2. Mix all dry ingredients together
3. Once pumpkin is cooked remove + absorb all water with Chux or paper towel, then add to mixture
4. Mix peanut butter through to achieve cookie dough consistency
5. Roll into balls and freeze for 2+ hours
6. Once frozen, melt white chocolate over stove or in microwave and dip bites in chocolate then quickly roll in sprinkles before chocolate sets
7. Store in freezer or fridge

Calorie + macro break down per bite
58 Cals | 3g P | 3g F | 5.5g C

protein pumpkin bite recipe



Frozen ghost popsicles

frozen ghost popsicles

đŸ‘ģ 3 short bananas

🎃 40g white chocolate (or yoghurt)
🎃  Edible eyes

1. Cut bananas in half (zigzag bottoms for ghost look) + skewer through the centre
2. Freeze overnight
3. Melt white chocolate over stove or in microwave + dip frozen banana
4. Add edible eyes quickly before white chocolate sets
5. Dip in yoghurt for lower calorie/ sugar option (can whisk yoghurt with some protein powder to increase protein)

Store in freezer

Calorie + macro break down per ghost
92 Cals | 0.8g P | 2.5g F | 17g C

ghost popsicles halloween recipe

Have a spooktacular Halloween my friends đŸĻ‡Â