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Too anxious to enter the gym? Read my tips to get you on the floor in no time!

Whether it’s your first time in a gym, or you’ve been a regular gym-goer for years, I guarantee you everyone has felt gym anxiety at some point in their fitness journey. 

Training in a gym can be daunting at the best of times, but it’s especially difficult if you’re new to training or don't have much experience with gyms and gym equipment. 

But don’t let this put you off! Everyone in the gym is there for self improvement, and everyone, no matter where they are in their journey, is entitled to use the space to learn and grow. The gym can be a great sanctuary and is a place of escape for most people, and although it might take some time, I promise the gym will eventually become a place that you love!

But this doesn’t make setting foot in the gym for the first time any easier, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why I’ve made a list of my best tips on beating gym anxiety. Because as uncomfortable as it is, we all experience it sometimes (yep, even me). 

  • Find a gym buddy: Going to the gym with a friend/partner/family member can help you feel more comfortable, especially in those first few days or weeks of training in a new gym. 
  • Invest in some kick ass activewear that makes you feel confident af: It will get you excited about going to the gym, and make you feel invincible! 
  • Make a killer gym playlist: Put your earphones in, crank the music up and have some fun! Training with music you love will help put you in your own little zone and focus more on nailing your sets and reps, instead of what’s going on around you. Check out the Train With Soph playlist on Spotify!
  • Remember that everyone is there for themselves and are most likely too busy focusing on themselves to be judging you. 
  • Get comfortable with the space: Spend some time looking around your gym and familiarise yourself with the equipment. You can also ask a staff member to show you around so you feel more confident. 
  • Have a plan: If you’re new to training and the gym, it’s important to have a plan in place so you know exactly what you’re doing when you get to the gym.

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Soph xx