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New year goal setting tips

The new year can mean a fresh start and new beginnings, but it can also be a very triggering time! Sometimes, it can serve as a reminder of those new year’s resolutions you didn’t achieve, and end-of-year reflections can make it feel like you haven’t accomplished that much. 

If you resonate with these feelings, don’t stress gf! Remind yourself that time is just a construct we made up, and your life isn’t a race! If you didn’t achieve everything you wanted to in 2023, that’s okay! There’s still time, and your fresh start is just around the corner!

To help you set realistic and achievable goals for the new year, here are my top goal-setting tips! 

1. Start small! While it’s good to have big goals, it can also be very overwhelming. Start by setting smaller, more achievable goals that will put you on the right path to achieving your big ones! For example, instead of just saying ‘I want to lose 10kg’, try setting smaller goals that will lead to this, such as ‘I am going to resistance train 3x per week and hit a daily step target’. 

2. Be specific! The more specific your goals are, the more likely you’ll be to achieve them! For example, instead of just saying ‘I want to train more often’, say ‘I am going to train Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am for 1 hour’. 

3. Don’t set time limits. This can set you up for failure, and just put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Accept that your goals may take longer than you’d like to achieve, and that this is okay! 

4. Set goals that align with your values. What do you want to prioritise this year? Think about this when you are setting your goals. For example, if it’s travelling or family time, then maybe your weight loss goals don’t actually align with this. Try and set goals that support your current values so that they are more achievable! 

5. Reflect regularly. Instead of just setting a new year goal and then hoping it’ll happen, keep checking in with yourself to ensure you’re on the right track! Schedule in monthly or even weekly check in times so you can reflect on what’s going well, what isn’t, and adjust your strategies if necessary! 

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Love TWS Coach Bronte x