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New Year Goal Setting Tips

Somehow, it’s the last week of 2022, which means it’s time to start setting your goals and intentions for the new year. I know it can be cliché, but I LOVE the ‘fresh start’ that the new year brings. No, you don’t have to go all ‘new year, new me’, but you can use this time to reflect on the year, and think about what you want to achieve in 2023. However, there are a few common mistakes that people make when setting their new year goals. 

The problem with new year’s resolutions is that people often get too carried away, and set massive, broad goals with no clear direction or strategy in place. It’s also easy to get caught up in setting goals that you THINK you want, but don’t actually align with you or your values. 

To help you avoid making these mistakes, I’ve put together a list of my top goal-setting tips. Get ready for your best year yet! 

  1. Know your why. A lot of people get so focused on the WHAT that they don’t even think about the WHY. Really think about the goal and why you want it, and if it aligns with you, your values, and the type of person you want to be. 
  2. Know your how. While it’s great to have larger goals, try and focus more on the smaller, more actionable steps that you will need to take to reach them. If your goal is to lose 10kg, break this down into smaller tasks, like hitting a daily step target, tracking your calories consistently, or resistance training 4 times a week. 
  3. Be realistic. To avoid getting to the end of the year and realising you didn’t achieve what you set out to do, make sure your goals are realistic. Start by setting small goals that you KNOW you can achieve, as this will build your self-efficacy and confidence. 
  4. Be specific. It seems obvious, but most people forget to actually detail the specifics of their goal. If your goal is to start walking more, that’s great! But break this down even further and get really specific. Instead of ‘walk more’, write down when, where, and how often you are going to walk. ‘I am going to get up half an hour earlier, choose a podcast, and walk to the park near my house on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning’. The more detail you go into, the better! 

Happy New Year besties! 

Soph x