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Is there a right time to diet?

With Christmas around the corner (seriously how is it already December), New Years and lot’s of events and celebrations, we’re bound to be in situations that make dieting extra challenging. Let’s break down whether you should continue dieting through this period or not!

When’s the wrong time to diet?

Perhaps you’ve got a hectic month of moving house, work is really busy, you’ve got exams or you’ve got a social month of birthdays, catch-ups or a holiday away (hello crazy christmas time!). If we know or have a feeling we’re not going to stick to our deficit, then it’s best we leave it for this month, and focus on maintaining. We can always come back to dieting when we’re ready! Remember maintaining doesn’t = gaining, it means we keep our current weight the same! 

Additionally, if you’ve already been dieting on and off a lot this year, if you’re struggling to stick to your current diet, if your current calories are lower than your predicted maintenance calories or if you’re sick or injured - you probably shouldn’t enter a calorie deficit. The position we start our diet in matters!

When’s the right time to diet?

Preferably your calories aren’t crazy low to begin with, meaning entering a deficit isn’t painfully low. Your goals are clear, you want to achieve some weight loss, you’re in a great routine, a great headspace with food, you’re ready to commit and put in the work and you’ve got time to meal prep, be organised, get your sessions in, get enough sleep and manage your stress!

Why does our environment matter so much? 

Your environment is so important when it comes to fat loss as it helps with setting up routines to maintain consistency (the key to achieving any result). We’re also easily influenced by our environments - if we’re around people who don’t train or always order Uber Eats, it becomes that much harder to stick to our process. That’s not to say we should avoid these situations, it just means you need to be aware of your environment and the impact it has on your choices. 

How to set yourself up for success for the silly season: 

Focus on the small things that will make you feel good inside and out. Eat well following the 80/20 rule (80% of the time eating well and balance and 20% soul foods), keep moving everyday, hitting those 10k steps and getting your sessions in. If you can tick all of those off, you’re killing it! Follow a program that you can do anytime, anywhere - enter my newest training program TWS Anywhere, my first equipment free program designed for the holidays to help you stay on track with zero excuses! 

Enjoy the silly season, be present with your loved ones and remember there’s no pressure to look a certain way or be anything else but you! #YAYA - You as you are!


Soph xx