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6 ways to improve your body image

Body image is something we all struggle with at some point or another. As sad as this is, constant pressure from the beauty, fashion, fitness, and dieting industries makes it pretty much impossible to feel comfortable in our bodies. Increasingly unrealistic beauty standards, advertising and toxic social media trends means we are constantly told that our flaws need ‘fixing’ in order for us to be lovable, worthy, happy humans. Well, I am calling BS on that!  

You are worthy just as you are! And while you might know this, it can be difficult to embrace it, especially when you’re having a bad body image day. So, here are my top tips on how you can work to improve your body image one step at a time! 

1.Speak to yourself like you would to a friend or loved one

  • What would you say to a friend in the same situation?
  • Your self talk can make a massive difference when it comes to cultivating a more positive body image 
  • Instead of being mean and negative, speak to yourself like you would to a family member, friend, or partner

2.Practice gratitude + body neutrality

  • You don't need to be super positive and love every part of your body all the time, and to expect this is unrealistic 
  • Instead, try simply being grateful for your body and practice body neutrality
  • Think of reasons why you appreciate your body and what it does for you every day on a functional level (eg. my body allows me to listen to music/hug my kids/swim in the ocean etc) 

3.Exercise regularly 

  • Moving your body can help you to appreciate it more, and will help you appreciate your body for what it can do, rather than just how it looks 

4.Do some journaling

  • This will help you get out of your head and can help to unpack some of your negative thoughts 
  • Here are some prompts to help!
    • What is something my body allows me to do that I am grateful for?
    • If my body could speak back to me when I tell it these things…what would it say?
    • Would I say these things to my own daughter/best friend/mother? If someone I loved said this about their ow body - what would I tell them? 

5.Avoid social media

  • Try not to spend time scrolling on social media and comparing yourself to others, and unfollow accounts that you find triggering or make you feel guilt/shame

6.Lastly, realise that your poor body image actually has nothing to do with your body!

  • A lot of women lose weight/reach their goal dress size and still suffer from poor body image. This is because the problem has never been your body!
  • Poor body image is a mental issue, not a physical one, and is not resolved by obtaining your 'goal physique'
  • Identify where the problem is actually coming from (eg. unrealistic beauty standards, social media, pressure because of your job etc)
  • Focus on unlearning your internalised beliefs about beauty and your body, rather than trying to change your body. 

Bronte x