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4 signs you are on the right path to achieving your goals

Do you feel a little stuck gf? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Sometimes, it can be hard to know whether we are actually on the right path to achieving our goals. Progress can be slow, (especially if your goal is to build muscle) and it can make it feel like we are 'stuck' if we aren't constantly seeing visible progress from week to week.

To help put your mind at ease, here are some signs that you are on the right track to achieving your goals, even if it doesn't feel like it. If you are ticking these boxes, then you can be sure that those results are coming bestie! 

Sign number 1: You are progressing in the gym

  • Even if you aren't seeing physical progress, if you are getting stronger over time then you are likely gaining muscle. 
  • Focus on progressive overload, and try to add weight, sets, reps, or more time under tension to your sessions from week to week. 
  • Set performance based goals and focus your attention on trying to get stronger. 

Sign number 2: You are prioritising your protein

  • If you are regularly hitting your protein target, then you are giving your body the tools it needs to build and/or maintain your muscle mass. 
  • Aim to hit around 1.6-2.2 grams per KG of bodyweight per day. For example, if you weigh 60kg, you can times this by 2 to get your protein goal in grams (120g protein). 
  • Make sure most of your protein is coming from good quality sources, such as lean meat, fish, dairy, tofu, eggs, or protein powder. 

Sign number 3: You are focusing on your sleep and recovery

  • Our sleep affects things like muscle protein synthesis, hunger hormones, and recovery levels, so you should be prioritising it whether you are dieting or in a building phase.
  • Aim for 7-9 hours per night, and establish a solid wind down routine to help with this.
  • Make sure you are also taking full rest days from the gym and recovering between sessions. 

Sign number 4: You are training with intensity

  • If you are training hard enough, then you are giving your muscles the stimulus they need to grow.
  • Aim to take most sets to around 2-3 reps from failure.
  • Train to failure if/when safe to do so (refer to the ‘Should you be training to failure’ blog for more info on when and how to do this!). 

If you are continually checking these boxes, then I promise you are on the right track to achieving those results gf!

Soph x