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Debunking common health + fitness myths!

The health and fitness industry can be a confusing place - especially when a lot of the information circulating on social media and the internet isn't even true! To help you sort the facts from the BS, here are some common fitness myths debunked!

1.’Fat burning’ exercises

  • There are no such thing as 'fat burning' exercises, or specific exercises that can help reduce fat from certain areas (for example, crunches do not help reduce stomach fat)
  • The only way to lose fat is to adhere to a calorie deficit for an extended period of time
  • Your training should be about creating shape, building muscle and getting strong, not burning fat!
  1. You need to cut carbs (or any specific food type)
  • You don't need to cut out carbs, or any specific foods (eg. sugar, dairy etc) in order to lose fat.
  • Unless you have a medically diagnosed intolerance to it, there is nothing wrong with things like gluten or dairy! 
  • Cutting out a food group (especially one you really enjoy) just because you think you need to in order to lose fat will only increase your scarcity mindset, food focus, and likely lead to binges/blowouts
  1. There are 'good' and 'bad' foods
  • Food has no moral value! 
  • While there are some foods that are less nutrient dense and more processed, they are not 'bad' and can be included as part of a healthy, balanced diet
  • This kind of thinking will only increase food guilt and negatively affect your relationship with food
  1. There are exercises you HAVE to do
  • The exercises in your program will depend on the context of your goals, training experience, age, mobility level, and body type 
  • While there may be more or less 'optimal' exercises for specific goals, there are no exercises you HAVE to do! 
  • The most important thing is that you actually enjoy your training, are focusing on progressive overload, and are being consistent
  1. Getting 'toned'
  • The word 'toned' is nothing more than a diet industry buzzword, and it doesn't actually exist! You cannot really 'tone' a muscle. 
  • When people say they want to be 'toned', what they usually mean is they want to be lean with a solid foundation of muscle so that they look 'tight' and athletic
  • The best way to achieve this is usually by going through dedicated phases of both cutting AND building so that you have enough actual muscle mass to achieve the look you desire.

Bronte, TWS Community Manager x