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Are your behaviours helping you, or harming you?

When it comes to our health and fitness goals, there are lots of helpful behaviours we can adopt. However, it can be easy to take these things too far, and they can quickly become harmful if we aren't checking in with ourselves. Things like tracking your food intake, training regularly, or weighing yourself can all very easily become harmful, especially if you are someone with an addictive or obsessive personality type. 

This is why it’s so important to check in with yourself regularly, and ask yourself if your regular behaviours and habits are beneficial to your long-term health, or if they are actually harming you. 

To help you figure out where your behaviours are, use this chart of common helpful vs harmful behaviours. If most of your habits and behaviours align with the 'harmful' side, then then this is your sign to reassess your approach to health and fitness, and reach out for guidance if you need it.



Tracking your macros

Becoming obsessed with hitting your macros to the gram

Resistance training 3+ times per week

Resistance training 7 days a week, or twice a day 

Taking some supplements (eg. protein, creatine, or vitamins) 

Using fat burning pills and harmful supplements

Taking scheduled rest days

Never taking a rest day

Having a balanced approach to nutrition

Having an all or nothing approach to nutrition

Weighing yourself to collect data

Letting the scale dictate your mood


Remember bestie, your process only works if you actually enjoy it, and can sustain it long-term. If you are relying on harmful behaviours to achieve your goals, then it is time to take a step back and adopt a more healthy, sustainable approach. Both your body and mind will thank you for it!

Soph xx