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Why you should celebrate small wins

Okay, so losing 100g on the scale, hitting your step target, or getting your training session in might not feel like a massive achievement - especially if you have a big goal you’re working towards. But I want to remind you just how important (and powerful) it is to not only celebrate the small wins - but to make those small wins your goals. 

Hear me out gf. How overwhelming is it to just say ‘Okay - I want to lose 10kg’. That’s great, but HOW are you actually going to do that? What are the small, actionable steps that you need to take to get there? That’s where little wins come in bestie!

It’s totally okay to have long-term goals, but to make those goals seem less overwhelming and more achievable, you need to break them down into smaller, more attainable ones. These smaller goals should be focused more on the process, rather than the end result. Think about the small tasks that you can get done today to get you closer to your goal, and let these become your mini-goals!

Need help setting up your list of mini-goals? Here’s some inspo:

Main Goal

Mini goals

Lose 10kg

  • Hit my step target daily 
  • Hit my macro targets

Get stronger in the gym

  • Fuel my body properly 
  • Get 4x weekly training sessions in

Improve my mental health

  • Go to bed earlier 
  • Journal every day 

Instead of just thinking about that 1 big goal, choose to focus on those smaller ones instead. Eventually, you will get to your big goal just by accumulating those small wins, and allowing them to become habits in your new lifestyle! This will also mean that once you do get to your goal, you will be able to maintain your results using the habits you’ve built along the way. 

So next time you find yourself disappointed over a small loss on the scale, or a crappy gym session, just remind yourself of those small wins, and keep showing up for yourself. You’ve got this girly!

Soph xx