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Health, but make it budget đź’°

There's a huge myth going around that living a healthy lifestyle is too expensive and unachievable for most, when really, it's not. You don't need to buy all organic food or the most expensive supplements to achieve your goals. It all comes down to nutrient dense foods that fuel you and daily movement. 

Here are my top tips for living a healthy lifestyle on a budget: 

1. Meal prep: On Sundays it’s a great idea to pick one day from your TWS Meal plan (if you’re not with us already, what are you even doing?) and meal prep. For example your Day 1 plan could consist of: overnight oats, turkey wrap and a chicken stir fry with a protein shake and greek yoghurt as a snack. You could make these meals in bulk on Sunday to eat over a few days ensuring no food or $ are going to waste

TIP: If you’re someone who hates eating the same meals you could just prepare the basics to throw together when you need them, for example grilling a big batch of chicken, roasting a tray of sweet potatoes, chopping up your fruit and veg. So it’s convenient and ready for you! 

2. Shop smarter: Have a list and stick to it! (you can use your shopping list from the TWS App and tick things off as you go so you’re not buying unnecessary things you won’t even use!) Stick to buying fruit and veg that's in season ($ and time hack - buy frozen so it lasts longer and is quicker to prepare), buy your meats when they’re on special, buy in bulk, shop from a cheaper supermarket (Aldi in Australia is good).

TIP: Think about the layout of your supermarket, you want to stay mostly on the perimeter of that supermarket, this will help you avoid the processed and unnecessary foods in the middle isles. Only go down there when you need to! 

3. Make your gym membership/plan fit in your budget: Here at TWS we're firm believers in that your health and overall wellbeing is an investment. But it should also be accessible for everyone - which is why TWS memberships start from as little as $1.40 a day. The body and mind you have, is the only one you’ll have forever, so you want to take care of it! Make your gym membership or TWS plan fit your budget. If you can’t afford a gym membership you can try our TWS At Home or TWS Anywhere programs (swap the gym for home)

4. Steer away from pricey and useless supplements: Some people think supplements are essential when in reality supplements are supplements, they’re there to supplement something we might be lacking. Avoid wasting your precious $$ on fat burners, BCAA’s or diet pills and stick to the basics like protein powder and a good wholesome diet.

5. Some things are free: You know what’s free? Walking, online content (I post heaps of free workouts on my Instagram account @sopheallen), meditation and journaling. All important things I like to incorporate daily in my client’s lifestyles. Making sure they get 8-10k steps a day and using meditation and journaling to reduce their stress and anxiety which can heavily impact their ability to lose fat and their overall health and wellbeing.

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to live. If you make smarter choices, living a healthy lifestyle is totally accessible! So what are you waiting for? Come join us at TWS on a free 7 day trial, so we can make living a healthier lifestyle, even easier with customised nutrition and training plans.

Soph xx